Boring Day

January 9, 2017


Today has been pretty boring. I didn’t really do much besides lay around. The weather outside has been cold and gloomy and I hate it, all it means is less time we get to spend outside and more time I have to spend with Odie.

Although now that we are on the topic of Odie, something weird happened today. I was taking my afternoon nap on the sofa, like I always do, and I had just awaken and my eyes were still closed when Odie came up and licked my nose! This is something really weird and unusual for him to do. 

Also I think A might have lost her job. She has been home ALOT lately. Usually K and A will both get up and leave in the mornings then A gets home first and K later that night, that definitely hasn’t been the case lately.

Speaking of A I’m going to go see what she is up to. 


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