January 3, 2017


My name is Odie and I am 1 years old. My owners names our Alyssa and Kyle, and my roommate is  a weenier dog named Mila. She’s a girrrl. >.<

My 2 favorite things are squeakers and bones. I couldn’t really tell you why but those little squeakers make me go crazy, and I could chew on a bone for hours!

Speaking of bones I really wish I had a backyard to bury one in. We all live in apartment so there is no back yard here and it can be really disappointing some times. But that’s okay, sometimes I hear A and K talking about us moving into a house with a backyard soon and that would be super exiting! Expect I also hear that we might be living with 2 other humans and I’m to sure how I feel about that.

I have to pee so I better go get Alyssa’s attention. If I go sit by the door long enough she will let me outside!

Image result for boy paw print


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