January 2, 2017

My name is Mila, and I was born on February 9th. I was separated from my family at only 5 weeks old and it was pretty scary. But my new owners Alyssa and Kyle were really nice and now I live with the perfect family.

I have a roommate though. *sigh* His name is Odie. At first I was a little disappointed, but he grows on you. I love to pick on him, he’s so fun to mess with. It’s so easy to get him to chase me if I nip at his heels. Our owner, Alyssa, likes to do this thing with him where she will act like she’s going to catch him and it gets him all riled up. It’s super fun to chase him around when she does this.

Also, we just had Christmas! I don’t think K & A were aware that i knew what was going on (because they didn’t get me anything) but of course I did. It’s okay though because K’s mom got Me, Odie, & Mirarh a HUGE bone for Christmas! It was so exciting.

Me & Odie are currently just sharing one at a time though because they are literally the size of my whole body. Mirarh is K’s mom’s dog. (yeah long title) She is a lot bigger than me & Odie but she still plays nicely. Expect she can be a little hyper sometimes and it can get annoying. But really other than that we are pretty great friends! I can even get her to help me pick on Odie 😉

Speaking of which here he comes now, probably bored and trying to be nosy. Ugh.



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