Damn, I Did it Again

Ugh, I am so frustrated right now. I was doing so good at being committed and writing every day, but then like always I got bored and stopped. But I am still proud of myself for keeping up with it as long as I did, it was longer than I ever have before. And at least this time I have actually kept the same blog instead of just creating a new one!

But not to worry, I have just thought of a pretty cool idea I want to try writing about and if it goes how I want it to I think it could possibly come out pretty cool! (probably not) I’m not saying yet what it is exactly because I am still deciding if I want to make it it’s own category or if I just want to make it a separate page. Not sure yet, but if you’re interested in finding out it will be going up today and I promise I’m going to get back on my writing!

xoxo, Alyssa

P.S. I got engaged! (more coming on that soon)


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